Hello, fellow Yogis! Today we’re going to talk about lifestyle rather than just yoga, but I think most of you will appreciate my thought process here.

I like to think yoga is a part of a healthy and natural lifestyle – that is, a lifestyle that stays away from much of the inhuman, unnatural aspects of our modern way of living. There’s a huge number of chemicals, additives, and other ugly kinds of gunk that we typically ingest on a daily basis as part and parcel of living in America that we really should avoid.

I live a life where I choose to use natural remedies rather than pharmaceuticals, buy local organic grown foods rather than the nutrient-free mass produced GMO foods lining our supermarkets, and do my best to limit my exposure to the harmful chemicals present in beauty products and soaps that are most readily available because, well, I want to live in such a way that my body is in its most primal, natural state! In pursuing life as a yoga practitioner and teacher, I feel like my mind has been opened to the harmful effects most daily use products have brought us and the environment, and I feel like all of us should aim to limit their use as much as possible.

To this end, I also recommend that most of the services we use to be as natural and environmentally safe as possible, for both us and Mother Earth. This extends even to our need to eliminate harmful pests such as rodents and insects!

Every time I find that either my studio or my house may be infested with some sort of pest, for example, there’s only one company that I ever call: Natural Science Exterminating. The company offers natural termite treatment in Garden Grove using natural remedies such as orange oil to drive away pests and make sure they don’t come back for years on end.

It’s difficult finding a natural exterminator that manages to be effective, but the good fellows at Natural Science are the real deal, and even offer a free termite inspection for first time customers who are worried they might have some uninvited guests making themselves at home in their walls! The company has a reputation for tenacity and thoroughness, as Corinne L. states in her Yelp review of their services:

I have been a customer for quite a few years and am very pleased with their service, technicians, and office staff.  They are professional, friendly and do a great job.  I have a yearly maintenance contract for termites, which more than pays for itself, given the number of swarms I’ve had, both dry wood and subterranean varieties.

I recently had another swarm of subterranean termites and Ron spent every bit of an hour searching for their entry point.  He was relentless and said he wouldn’t leave until he determined their origin and he finally did!  Joey has been to my house several times and is always friendly and professional. Julie in the office is so pleasant and helpful.

I am happy to recommend Natural Science!

If you’re like me, and both look for a natural solution to all of life’s problems and live in sunny southern California, give them a call:

Natural Science Exterminating

(800) 246-7378

11642 Knott St, Ste 9, Garden Grove, CA 92841