Just this week, I started noticing something very strange. I live in on the bottom story of an apartment complex, but both the upstairs neighbor and I have patios. The floor is made up of stone and such, but the fence surrounding the perimeter is some type of wood (knowing what kind of wood by just looking at it is not exactly my specialty).

Now you ask may ask why I’m focusing so much on the quality of my patio wood, especially when this blog is supposed to be yoga-focused. Now I agree with you — the whole point of yoga is to momentarily push the world out of your mind’s eye. Your surroundings temporarily become irrelevant, whatever has happened or is going to happen is none of your concern. In those moments, you just focus on your breathing and feeling that breathing movement throughout your whole body.

However, these exercises are only beneficial if you “zoom out” after they are done. Muting the background noise is helpful for a certain amount of time, but it is not meant to be muted all the time. Yoga is meant to clear the mind so you can notice the things in your life (or your home) that need your attention.

Luckily, yoga helped me catch a problem before it turned into something much, much worse.

I previously thought that I had flying termites (still trying to figure out what those weird bugs were), my better judgment led me to call an exterminator. I should’ve maybe done some more research before I found this particular specialist, but fortunately, I found organic termite extermination by pure chance.

Now, what is a natural termite exterminator, you ask? Well, contrary to popular belief, termites can be completely removed from your home without using a bizarre concoction of dangerous chemicals. I try to stay away from using the word “chemicals” in an exclusively negative context. I’ve seen many who are guilty of this, myself included. But in the end, we are all made up of chemicals! We eat and drink chemicals to survive, and some of them provide incredible health benefits for us.

But I’m getting off-course here. All I’m trying to say is that termite extermination does not have to be chemically invasive, either to humans or to potential pets. And in terms of pest control in Garden Grove, the most successful service I used (and to be honest it’s the only one I’ve had so far, but nevertheless) has been Natural Science Exterminating.

Now in the big scheme of things, it didn’t feel too different from your average run-of-the-mill termite extermination. It took the same amount of time, and the procedure didn’t look too different from the usual. But I can’t even tell you the peace of mind I felt was well worth it. Just knowing that I didn’t have to worry about my dog digging into a chemical invested piece of wood, or knowing that I didn’t have to worry about breathing cancerous chemicals…that kind of thing is absolutely invaluable.

If you are in the Garden Grove area and need an exterminator, I would suggest contacting:

Natural Science Exterminating
11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841
(800) 246-7378