Hello, fellow yogis! Today, I will touch on a more serious topic, one that fellow business owners in my community have (unfortunately) been discussing quite frequently: security.

In years past, I’ve been blessed to live and work in neighborhoods that have been very safe and secure for everyone. Women were able to enter and exit my studio at all hours without an issue, and robberies were rare enough to be a major event when they did happen.

Unfortunately, over the past couple of years, things have begun to change. Strange men who give off unpleasant and frightening energies have begun loitering around, and theft, vandalism, and robberies have become a monthly occurrence.

The community of business owners has recently begun conducting meetings with the property owner over security concerns and solutions. Many of them are demanding armed or unarmed guards, while others express concerns over how customers would react to seeing armed men walking around the premises.

In my own experience and from what I have read, guards often cause as many problems as they solve. Unless you are willing to pay top dollar, you’ll likely be hiring poorly trained guards who don’t know the proper way to react to security events, leading to even more damages from liability lawsuits.

This is especially true if you work in an industry that is prone to criminality. One of the business owners in my community runs a cannabis dispensary, and they are by far the most common target of robberies and thieves despite the on-site guard they have during business hours.

Thankfully, some technological innovations appear to be coming down the pipeline that may eliminate the need for on-site security personnel. With advances in drone technology, remote guarding is looking like an effective tool for loss prevention for legal cannabis growers and sellers who are currently under siege by the criminal element.

Drones have a number of advantages over the typical security guard. Airborn drones have a much wider perspective than on-foot guards, allowing them to cover a much larger percentage of the property during patrols.

Drones also have a number of different onboard cameras, giving operators easy access to high-quality night vision that the typical guard could only dream of. This allows for 24/7 monitoring without the added danger of a person being present during the commission of a crime.

We are still early on in the adoption of remote guarding technology, which means only a few select security contractors offer it as a part of their package. One such company, Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions, has been on the forefront of drone adoption in its security system design since the very start.

When it comes to cannabis security solutions, guards may be legally necessary but are often more trouble than they’re worth. By working with security contractors on the cutting edge of technology, you can effectively protect your business without the uncertain human element causing damaging future lawsuits. Call CCSS today:

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