Yoga studios are an anomaly in today’s society in the United States. It seems like every single person is in a rush! Going shopping here, running errands there, suffering through a nine to five job, or trying at the entrepreneurial lifestyle… A.K.A. Living at home with Mom and Dad trying to find the next big thing. It seems that most things are geared toward convenience and speed. Supermarkets are for getting what you want and getting out. Highways are for getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Fast food has fast in the title! Most things about the US society is built around speed. While speed can be great for many reasons, it does not lend the ability to relax. There are few places to relax in the United States. You have massage businesses, the beach, a not so busy bar, and Yoga studios. Of that list Yoga studios really take the cake. It is a place where your mind and your body can relax. A place where you can find peace and internal quiet. Is it still rigorous on the body? Sure! But in all the slow smooth ways that help you expend whatever nervous energy you gathered out in the world and slowly meld into calm.

What a glorious place right?!

YES IT REALLY IS? What could possibly go wrong in a Yoga studio? Its not like the beautiful hardwood floor is going to fall out under you just when you reach that mantis pose you have been working at for the past six months. Wait will it? If you are a yoga studio owner you may want to ask yourself this question. When did I last check for termites? NEVER?! All that beautiful wood floor that is under your mat is at risk of being eaten from the inside out and you wouldn’t even know it! So many people forget to check for termites and then its too late. Some woman in a difficult pose could go right through the floor into a swarm of termites. GROSS AND THE OPPOSITE OF SERENE!!!

The most frustrating part about this situation is that many termite exterminators in Garden Grove are offering termite inspections for free! There is one company in particular that not only offering a free termite inspection but is also offering $100 dollars off you first treatment if you do have an termite infestation! So seriously, stop waiting and thinking that those beautiful hardwood floors are safe. Know they are safe! Get in touch with the right exterminator that will perform the proper termite extermination.

If you don’t have one in mind, here is one we have found to be reliable, friendly, and they use all natural methods when they exterminate! You know how we Yogi’s love anything that remains all natural. Check out their Yelp profile as one of the best natural exterminators out there! Once you give these guys a look and decide they are the exterminators for your Yoga studio, give em a call or map their location! We will even make it easy for you and add it below.


Keep your Yoga studio in tact! Don’t wait, get your yoga studio checked so none of your fellow Yogi’s falls through your floor!