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What is yoga? 

Yoga is an ancient Indian wellness practice, rooted in Eastern spiritual principles. It is practiced in modern day as a physical mindfulness practice that incorporates breathing and stretching to build strength and flexibility. Holistically, yoga transforms the mind, body, and spirit by combining meditation and movement. Yoga has various techniques, postures, and meditation. There is a style for everyone, regardless of your strengths or limitations. 


What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga can improve the state of your physical and mental health in various ways. A more relaxed body and mind can lead to lowered levels of stress and anxiety, and an increase in confidence and peace. This can improve important vital functions in the human body, including sleep and breathing. Research suggests that yoga can improve lower back and neck pain. It can also help those who struggle with addictions to change their lifestyle choices and habits. As a form of exercise, it can help people lose or manage weight.

As a spiritual practice, yoga can expand your mind and allow you to experience an awakening in consciousness. Heightened states of self-awareness can lead to a state of inner peace, which allows one to feel happiness. Many great spiritual teachers throughout ancient history have practiced yoga as a meditative practice to achieve states of enlightenment. In the modern world, many CEOs, athletes, and politicians practice meditation to improve their focus and decision-making. Meditation improves cognitive functions to help improve emotional regulation. It is highly beneficial to anyone who needs to perform at their optimal level, or anyone who simply wants to live their best life.

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Fair TradeYoga is built around the idea that we are stronger when we come together. Our trades are Yoga and holistic wellness and we want to share with you. We are constantly connecting and building new partnerships within our community and we have a goal to offer Yoga at fair cost or fair trade to all of Powell, Ohio. Below we will keep an up-to-date list of all local businesses in Powell, Ohio that have offered traded goods and services in exchange for Yoga classes, private lessons or specialized yogic plans. These businesses come highly recommended by all of us here at Fair Trade Yoga Studios!


Fair Trade Yoga Studios-The Communities’ Yoga Space- helps communities, organizations and individuals come together and achieve their holistic health objectives and fitness goals through the practice of Yoga. We do this by providing the finest space, outstanding teachers and premium yogic class plans and programs that change lives positively by building strength, stamina, flexibility and resiliency within the mind, body and soul.


Our mission is to provide a friendly and comfortable, safe and inviting space to begin to develop or continue to build upon a personal yoga practice that challenges, and meets the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs of, each and every individual.

Whats Being Said About Us

I took Hot Vinyasa with Sherry and I got a great workout, a great stretch on my overworked joints and muscles and left feeling centered and refreshed! I bought a package and cant wait to go back. Super convenient downtown Powell location, lots of parking and adorable studio and building.


Sherry makes each yoga class something to look forward to! I love to pace of lunchtime Yoga, and the great stretching poses.


Yoga was awesome today! I took the 9:30 Hot Vinyasa class and feel great! A TOTAL body workout! cant wait to incorporate more yoga into my workout routine!!


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