Good morning, fellow yogis! Today I’m going to be telling you a cautionary tale that recently happened to a fellow practitioner and small business owner.

An acquaintance of mine opened up a medical spa nearly half a decade ago after working in the industry for well over a decade. During her tenure as a physical therapist and trainer, she had jumped from spa to spa, looking for a business that met her standards of patient care and organization.

She found that most spas typically only had one of these traits at the expense of the other. If the spa took good care of their patients, this positive trait was usually offset by organizational chaos, whereas the more orderly establishments did everything they could to skimp on patient care.

After the fifth spa turned out to be yet another disappointment, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She quit her job, and within a month, she had used her savings to buy an ailing medical spa down in San Diego.

She quickly created a highly organized structure for the business that was designed to take excellent care of each patient that walked through the door. The years of experience working for nonfunctional or cheapskate businesses had taught her everything she needed to know to turn the business’s fiscal outlook around within her first year of ownership.

The first few years went off without a hitch. She had been extra careful to insure the business in the event that a patient had a medical episode while on premises after a similar event happened at a spa she was working at. Unfortunately, her focus on patients led her to neglect to get a similar level of protection for her most important asset – her employees.

One of her massage therapists had gotten a little too gung-ho with the massage oils and ended up spilling it all over the ground. She forgot to clean it and slipped and fell during her next massage. The injury that resulted from the fall was enough to keep her from working for months.

My acquaintance had gotten every insurance policy she could think of to cover injuries to her patients but nothing to cover the worker’s compensation her massage therapist was entitled to. This meant that she was on the hook for the medical bills and missed wages for the missing therapist while simultaneously scrambling to find and pay for a replacement worker to fill the gap.

While the business managed to survive this trial, the mistake was painful enough for her to seek outside help in determining what other holes existed in her business plan that could lead to more loss. She enlisted the services of S.W.A.N. Insurance to give her business the full spectrum of protection and advise her on new policies to prevent something similar from happening again.

Insurance providers like S.W.A.N. who specialize in working with businesses in your field can give you a full picture of the policies you need to protect your business fully. If you’re starting a new venture or are looking to ensure that your establishment has the insurance policies it needs to stay solvent in case of emergency, give S.W.A.N. a call.

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