Hello, fellow yogis! Today we’re going to talk about something a lot of people have trouble with, even in the best of days: inspiration!

I know for myself, there are plenty of days where I wake up and just want to laze around, being warm and snug in my bed rather than doing anything productive. For each of us, we have to find that little guiding light inside that speaks up and says, ‘no! We can’t just lie here and watch Netflix, we have to do x so that we can get to y!’

That voice only wins out if our y is compelling enough to get over the hurdle that is our x, and so inspiration needs to come from a deep resonance within our souls that aligns with our goals. Inspiration can come from many sources, whether that be from something simple, like pictures we see scrolling through Instagram, or something more significant to us, like a person who we admire greatly. Whatever the source may be, you can feel it resonate with something deep inside you – your inner muse, if you will.

If embraced, this resonance can be a more plentiful fount of useful energy than any other in your life (except maybe love!). It can be harnessed to achieve heights that you could only dream of, and should be ignored at your own peril, as a life that does not resonate brings about stagnation and dreariness.

To give you a brief example from my own life, I recently have been feeling more ‘down’ than usual – more days dreading leaving the comfort and warmth of my bed to start my days. Trudging around my home felt like a chore – I began noticing that my energy greatly improved when I left the house to go to the studio or even just go to the grocery store.

Wondering why my own house seemed to be dragging my energy down, I began doing research on what I could do to liven up the place. Needless to say, this took me down quite a rabbit hole, as I bounced from studying things like feng shui to getting hooked on watching HGTV.

Even as I was regretting getting sucked into watching a 3rd season of Property Brothers, I realized the reason for this new obsession was that it legitimately inspired me – it resonated with something inside of me, and I could not stop watching and dreaming of creating a space of my own inside the century-old home that I own here in Orange County. I needed a change in my living environment, one that was harmonious with both the history of the house and my own soul.

Upon this realization, I set about finding a suitable company that could help me realize this new vision. I happened to find a company whose name comported with the spirit of the desire for change – Inspired Remodels – and new that I had found my guys. (The sterling reviews for their services definitely helped me solidify the choice, just take a look at their Yelp page:)

Read Johnny B.‘s review of Inspired Remodels on Yelp

I have a consultation scheduled for this coming week, and it’s a beautiful feeling getting excited to wake up and start my day again. Live in accordance with your natural vibrations, friends: they can be your compass to a more fulfilled and happy life.

Inspired Remodels


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