I’ve mentioned it a few times over my years as a blogger, but when my business as a yogi really started picking up, I became the proud owner of an extremely old house here in southern California. I’m pretty sure it was built in the early days of the county, back in the late 1800s or early 1900s, because it has all those gorgeous old Victorian-era fixings!

Unfortunately, as beautiful as the house is, it’s definitely starting to show its age in some ways. Over the years it has taken a beating from the weather, termites, unruly tenants, and sloppy previous owners. I swear, the other day I was trying to get a nail out of the wall and it took an inch-thick piece of wall with it. Turns out, it was about a millimeter of drywall with the rest being layer upon layer of paint! It almost looked like a piece of taffy it was so colorful.

That’s not the half of it, either. Turns out the house is chock full of galvanized pipe, the last time the kitchen was updated I’m pretty sure we were still in the Vietnam War, and the basement looks like something out of a particularly scary horror movie!

So what’s a girl who loves the look of an old house but also wants to live in the 21st century to do? The answer is watch HGTV for about five minutes and become instantly enamored with the idea of a full redesign of the house. After another couple hours watching the experts knock down walls and put up gorgeous new cabinetry and trimmings, I realized I needed to shut it off, wipe the drool off my mouth and seriously evaluate my living situation.

Yup, I’m a yogi, not a contractor! To be honest, I didn’t know the first thing about remodeling homes or how to effectively use the space I had available to me. All I knew is that I had a list of things that I wanted (quartz countertops, an island, and new stainless-steel appliances! Plus new piping, I suppose.) That same night I started sniffing around for a good contracting firm, and I just so happened to find the best remodeling contractor in Orange County: Inspired Remodels!

The guys over there were friendly, responsive, and my goodness did they ever know what they were doing. We scheduled an estimate to take place one morning during the week and the guys stayed with me nearly the whole day as we went over the particulars of what needed to be updated now vs. what could be done a little bit later. By the end of it, I had new cabinets, paint colors, and a new basement pretty much designed and planned out!

The remodel is scheduled to start a little later during the month and I gotta say, I’m really excited not to be living out of water bottles and getting scared every time I hear the pipes groan when I turn the dryer on. If you’re like me and your house is starting to show its age, give Inspired Remodels a call and get your home the facelift it deserves.

Inspired Remodels

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