Hello, my friends! Today we’re taking a small look behind the curtain and delving into a story that recently happened to me. My life as a yoga instructor doesn’t begin and end in the studio I teach; I’m a homeowner in one of the oldest parts of the city I live in and, as anyone who has ever owned an old house knows, things are pretty much constantly breaking down and in need of repair!

One aspect of yoga I’m so glad for is its ability to assist you in managing stress, and it’s certainly helped with the barely manageable chaos that is being the proud owner of a house that has a near endless stream of contractors and handymen coming in and out, fixing things as they break down. This story, in fact, begins with my morning yoga routine in one of the few quiet days off I’ve had in quite a long time.

These private sessions are the ones I look forward to the most (outside of teaching others, of course!). At first, everything was going great; as I transitioned between asanas, I was able to get into a meditative state and began letting go of the daily life stressors that can add so much pain to our lives. Little did I know that, as I transition into a low plank, I would notice what looked like sawdust coming from a beam near my workout area.

With how clean and tidy I like to keep my space, I couldn’t believe I missed sweeping up whatever the last contractor had left over. Once I was done with my session, I grabbed my broom and dustpan and started cleaning up – and that was when I noticed the small holes littered around the beam. This, my friends, is when my heart began to drop. Whatever the cause, little holes sprouting up in the woodwork of my house just could not be a good sign!

After some preliminary research online as I had my post-workout tea, I realized that there was no way around it – I probably had termites. After a bit of deep breathing to sooth my anxiety and anger – yes, I get angry too! – at yet another problem, I decided there was nothing to do except call the experts to help me rid myself once and for all of these creepy crawly terrors. I know how damaging termites could be, and I know I sure don’t want the house coming down around me after putting so much work into it.

I asked around with some of my neighbors, and as it turns out I found the best company for termite control in Pasadena at their suggestion – Grand Oaks Termite Control. After a quick call, I had an inspection scheduled for early the next week within a couple minutes. Their guys showed up right on time, and after an hour or two of searching around the house, it turns out I was right. They walked me through the process, and within a couple weeks and a few uncomfortable nights of sleeping at the studio, they had my house completely termite free!

After all the bad experiences I’ve had with the contractors that come in and out of my house, it was a genuine relief to deal with actual professionals that were able to keep on schedule and did exactly what they said. Once the job was done, I kept a close look in every part of my house to make sure there were no new little piles of sawdust. It’s been a couple months now, and I’m happy to report that I seem to be in the clear. It’s nice to know I won’t run into any more nasty surprises as I’m doing my morning routine.

If you notice any little holes or unexplained sawdust in your home, make sure to give them a call:

Grand Oaks Termite Control

(626) 538-4156

110 S Worthy Dr. Glendora, CA 91741