As optimistic as I believe it is important to be as a matter of principle, life is, after all, a journey of unpredictable highs and lows. We hope and pray for the best. We can do our best today and embrace the outcome of whatever our triumphs and failures eventually bear.

Whether you doomscroll or not, present-day events have made their way into our collective conscious awareness. If you have been feeling a bit cynical or even depressed, it isn’t just social media algorithms influencing how we view the world. Political, environmental, and economic upheaval have generated a flurry of online and offline discussions on what the future holds and what we can do today to prevent the worst of it.

If you ask me, there has never been a more interesting time to be alive. Suburban homes of the future are expected to look like spaceships more than houses. Almost everything will be remotely controlled and solar-powered. And we may be reliant on artificial greenery more than ever. While greenery is at the top of everyone’s wishlist, natural resource depletion is only expected to grow as a concern. So it may in fact be difficult for many homeowners to cultivate real lawns and gardens. However, there are certain types, yogis included, who actually pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to party in the desert at Burning Man.

Whether it’s in fashion or not, we may have no choice but to live in that kind of world in a few short decades. Dessert fashion choices aside, there are many reasons to choose artificial greenery over natural greenery. Certain regions or living situations may not allow for real grass. Some areas do not have optimal soil or weather conditions, issues which may become more prevalent across the United States. Allergies are expected to worsen due to climate change, which will make it difficult to live with, let alone cultivate, certain plants.

I myself needed a solution to the poor soil conditions of my own home, as well as the wreckage that local wildlife was inflicting on what would have been some semblance of a garden. Moreover, living in the drought-plagued state of California made it infeasible to sustain real grass. Luckily, I learned about synthetic turf and came across NoMowTurf to install my new artificial lawn. It is simply perfect. Not only is my lawn uniformly green all year round, but it also saves me the time and energy of real lawn care. For some people, gardening and housekeeping are integrated into their routines as a form of physical exercise. As much as I love being active outdoors, yoga instructing already physically demands quite a lot from me. 

Low-maintenance housekeeping and gardening are what we can expect to see more of in the future. People want to spend less time and money on what contains their lives, and more time and money on actually living. 

I have read some pretty bleak forecasts by scientists and analysts about the future of our planet. The reports had me wondering: if I only had a decade left on this earth, would I want to spend hours of it every weekend on lawn care and gardening? The answer was obvious. 

If you’re interested in grass alternatives for your lawn, you can give NoMow Turf a call today.

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