Healing From Within Uses Yoga To Heal From Within

Healing From Within is a local yoga studio aimed at reuniting broken families. I sat down with the founder and main instructor, Daisy Teller-Carmicheal, to talk about her enterprise.

Q: Why did you create Healing From Within?

DTC: I’ve always held a passion for yoga. I find it a calming source of reflection and strive to integrate it into my daily routine. A few years back I decided to get my license in instructing to earn a little extra money. My husband had just lost his job and our family had hit hard times. I clung to yoga. It was and continues to be my solace. Healing From Within extends that solace to others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Q: What sort of programs and classes do you offer?

DTC: Since our main focus is reuniting broken families, we offer classes for all ages. Our most registered class is called We’ve Been Married For Years and Had Children Now What? which prompts couples to work together to strengthen their emotional and physical bonds. Middle schoolers often take Everything Is Changing: Send Help! Then, advance to Teenage Angst: I’m Mean To My Mom and I Don’t Know Why. We try to make our names pretty straightforward so patrons are aware of what they are signing up for. In addition to our classes, we also provide private lessons for families to work on uniting them as a team.

Q: Has your family ever participated in your classes?

They inspire them. I’m currently developing Stop Bullying Your Teacher/Classmates and Do The Breathing Exercises We Worked On in response to my son. My youngest helps me create a curriculum for toddlers to build yoga into child development. We do private lessons together at home once a week and have seen a true improvement in our relationships.

Q: There is a Bar & Spa attached to Healing From Within. Why?

DTC: During our classes, patrons may have to face uneasy truths. It softens the blow.

Q: Where do you see the future going for Healing From Within?

DTC: I think just bringing in more patrons and creating classes to fit their needs. We get a lot of clients from a friend that does divorce mediation in Newport Beach. We plan on partnering with other family law practices to try and grow our clientele. We may need to hire some more instructors soon if we keep growing. There is a little extra space next to the bar and I’ve been running through a few ideas for how to best utilize it. Storage would be nice. A daycare would be nice. People like smoothies, kombucha, and maybe we could sell granola. We would need to run the numbers to see what is actually feasible for our budget and our patrons, but the future looks bright!

Q: Why should people take classes at Healing From Within?

DTC: Simple! We’ll heal you from within! External results come from internal care. Yoga and meditation can go a long way to ease mind, body, and spirit.

Healing From Within is open Monday-Friday from 6am to 10pm, Saturday 7am-6pm, and Sunday noon to 4pm. Cost of class varies. Merchandise and other yoga product can be purchased in store.

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