Hello My Peaceful Lovelies,

I have to share what happened to me. As you all know, I run an eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable yoga studio here in Orange County. I try to leave as minimal a carbon footprint as I can on this wonderful planet and so everything I do is green and fresh and natural and solar powered.

Well, the other day, I had just finished my morning Kombucha and I was leading my first class of the morning, my Yoga Ducklings. My Ducklings are all preschoolers whose parents recognize the importance of purity and flexibility. We spend a lot of time doing Child’s Poses and Downward Dogs in that class, but today I was showing them something new. I was right in the middle of teaching those cuties how to transition from a Half Moon to a Twisting Half Moon when the power went out! It was a total disaster. The kids started screaming and running around all over the place. And on top of that, without power the classes simply can’t go on. The atmosphere would be totally off, there would be no music, people wouldn’t be able to see anything in the changing rooms, it just would never work.

And to top it all off, I make all of my money from my classes. If I can’t run them, I would go out of business. I called the electric company but they were no help because my studio is only powered by solar. I needed an electrician in Orange County that could work with solar and I needed one quick.

I went online and started calling companies to see if they could help, but I didn’t have any luck. No one was able to come out that day and I still had a class of energetic preschools running around blind in my studio. I didn’t have time to call every electrician listed. There had to be a way to find a good electrician that was close to me. Then I remembered YELP. I don’t use YELP much because I don’t agree with their stance on harvesting wild mushrooms, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I went into YELP, sorted by Orange County and electricians and found my knights in shining armor.

The Tradesman Electricians were able to come out that same morning. They were able to fix my solar panels and I only had one class that didn’t have power, and even that worked out great. I called it “Yoga Au Naturale” and it was a hit. It is yoga, with no power whatsoever. It was such a hit that I have people asking me when the next one will be! All thanks to this happy mishap.

Needless to say, the Tradesman Electricians were lifesavers. The power was out just long enough for me to discover my new type of class, but then all of my normal classes were able to go on as scheduled. The guys even joined in on one of my classes and I must say they were quite good for beginners. I’m trying to recruit them to come back, I think some yoga could really help support their backs for when they are working.

Well, that is all. I just had to share that story about my amazing experience with the electricians and on how I came up with my new, best-selling course.