In times as precarious as the ones we are living in, I try to be appreciative of all the small things. No matter how uncertain the future may seem, I try my very best to live life as presently as I can in the here and now, day by day and moment by moment. 

I am grateful to be alive. When I see the moon and stars as I pull my curtains closed each night and when I see the sun as I pull my curtains open each morning, I marvel at our planet earth. The miracle of life. 

I believe that the earth is sacred. We are meant to cherish our planet. It is terrible that many large corporations and bad actors over time and around the world have polluted the environment with toxins. 

The new moon has given me a strong urge to transform and change my living space. Of course, it wasn’t something spontaneous. I have been thinking about remodeling my home for quite some time. I suppose the universe gave me the push when the time was right. 

I wanted to renovate the kitchen the most. I think I will be renovating or redecorating the rest of my house over the course of the coming months. The reason I wanted to remodel the kitchen the most is that it is where I spend most of my time. I love to cook and bake, especially with plant-based ingredients, plus I often work from home out of my kitchen table. It’s the space that gets the most light in the house. 

I sought out the best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in the OC, because I wanted the renovations to be done right the first time. Luckily, I discovered Inspired Remodels and found them to be highly respected and reputable in Orange County. There were lots of transformations in their portfolio on their website which showcased their expertise and craftsmanship. 


I knew I wanted a new and environmentally-friendly kitchen, so I did some research online. It turns out that cabinetry can be really problematic. I had no idea that there is something called “off-gassing”; the release of chemicals from the material. I opted for urea- and formaldehyde-free timber that is FSC-certified. Not only does this protect the environment, but it also protects my lungs from breathing in these problematic chemicals!

In an effort to design for the long-term, I asked the designer of Inspired Remodels to show me several options and help me choose the right materials and colors for my new kitchen! I highly recommend their services if you are looking for contractors to remodel your home. 

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Many people forget to think long-term when choosing wall paint and countertops. Everyone loves a new splash of color. It’s important to choose paints that are eco-friendly or are manufactured by a company that practices recycling. To my shock, countertop replacements can be quite bad for the environment. 

I also finally changed my stovetop from gas to induction, which happens to be better for the environment! Make sure to always use the ventilation fan when you are cooking.