I love running a yoga studio, it is my passion. But even more than that, I love seeing people get into yoga, even if that means that they are not coming to my studio. For some people, that may just not work with their schedule, or they may be self-conscious about practicing around others. Then I met a friend who turned me onto a new trend, a yoga studio in your home. I asked if she would share more about this vision and she graciously accepted:

“Nothing soothes the human mind like a serene and tranquil environment. Imagine having a house overlooking the ocean, elegantly furnished with a minimalist theme, framed by evergreen palm trees, a green lawn and the humming ocean waves accentuating the backdrop. It is your own piece of paradise. Newport Beach is a coastal city known for its beachside homes and exclusive gated communities. It oozes luxury but not in an extravagant fashion. Newport Beach custom homes are even more mesmerizing. It presents the perfect aura for a relaxing session of yoga.

Located in California, Newport Beach is right at the center of the entertainment haven. Tourists are treated to breath-taking ocean views, sandy beaches, and weather to die for. There are a lot of outdoor activities like boating, tours to near exotic places like Balboa Island, and not to forget, yoga. The best part is that anyone can customize a home in Newport Beach to suit their style of living.

Getting a house in Newport Beach is just but the beginning of an experience. You will need to get a theme for your house, furnish it, and turn it into a home. Custom homes in Newport Beach can have any feature that its owner desires. Most popular are water features, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and well-trimmed hedges. Some homes even boast of a private sauna complete with steam rooms and massage parlors.

However, to set yourself apart from the run-of-the-mill amenities, stretch your imagination a little further. Picture a yoga studio in the middle of Newport’s scenic views. If you enjoy the view of the ocean, you can have your yoga studio at the back of your house looking over the ocean tides. However, if you enjoy alfresco exercise, you can have your studio right in the middle of your front lawn next to a gleaming blue swimming pool and state-of-the-art grill. If this tickles your fancy, find Sailhouse home builders for the most exquisite yoga studio in Newport Beach.

Sailhouse specializes in building custom homes and they would be happy to feature a yoga studio in them. This home builder can turn an ordinary backyard to a stunning and elegant exercise space. The studios may be customized to different tastes and will go well with the thematic or architectural structure of the home. For instance, Sailhouse may design a yoga studio around your European themed house with congruent color schemes, textures, and ambiance.

From yoga studios in modern tidewater houses with eclectic porches to the classic Cape Cod houses and traditional European homes with expansive lawns and flower gardens, there are a lot of options for your styling. Contemporary studio styles are, however, very popular and tend to attract the biggest crowds. Whatever style you prefer, Sailhouse is sure to be able to build the perfect matching yoga studio.”

I just loved this idea. More yoga for everyone! Heck, I could even come and teach a class in your own studio if you’d like. Alright, I have to get going, the next class is starting soon. If you are looking to put a studio in your home, check out:

Sailhouse Custom Homes
170 Newport Center Dr Suite 220, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 281-6044