Hello, class, and namaste!

Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about something that gives people some peace of mind OTHER than yoga: insurance. Specifically, business insurance.

I don’t have to tell anyone that we live in a fairly litigious society – if somebody can possibly get away with suing you, they probably will. This goes double if you own a business that requires a physical location where customers enter to utilize your services or buy your goods.

I own the yoga studio where I instruct daily, and let me tell you, when I made the decision to strike out on my own, the mass of paperwork was absolutely mind boggling! In there were some helpful pamphlets about insurance for small businesses that gave me a small look into the world of civil liability.

I was absolutely dumbstruck by the number of silly things you are liable for the second someone steps foot on your property as a business owner. Stubbing a toe that causes a bad ingrown that requires surgery to fix? Liable! Your business burns down, wiping out everything you built? Sorry, that requires specialized business insurance or you get nothing!

Needless to say, after asking around a bit to ensure the veracity of this booklet’s claims, I made getting business insurance on the same priority level as finding the actual studio itself. I would not let fear of being sued or losing everything in a terrible fire ruin my calm!

That’s when I found the company I’d like to spotlight today, the Byron Galindo Insurance team. Byron is the preeminent agent for State Farm’s business insurance offerings in Santa Monica. I had heard his name passed around on the street before, and when I looked him up, the wildly positive reviews I found on both him and his team really sealed the deal.

For example, Ravi Bhatia, one of Byron’s satisfied customers, has the following to say about him:

In a boring industry, Byron has facilitated NOT boring, borderline genius solutions to solving my business insurance needs here in Santa Monica. He’s always willing to talk through hypothetical scenarios and run tests on different, creative ways to minimize insurance costs, and educate me on the bureaucratic nuances he has to deal with on the day to day. I’ve dealt with many insurance agents in my line of work, and I have not come across a more visionary person in insurance — a field that tends to attract risk-averse, don’t-ruffle-any-feathers types. Above all, though, he’s been an advocate and a friend. I’m grateful to have him in my corner.

If you own any kind of business, whether your customers come to you or you ship your product direct to them, getting business insurance will protect you from being left out in the cold when winter comes and the cold winds blow tree branches through your windows and ruin your stock. Believe me, anything can happen, and you want to make sure that whatever life throws at you, you can rest easy knowing you have great insurance to back you up.

If you’re interested in the spotlighted company, check them out at:

Byron Galindo Insurance

(310) 823-5073

214 Pier Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405