Why does one do Yoga? Well the original point of Yoga was to cleans yourself all worldly things so you could reach a level of enlightenment and then reunite with the great energy that is Brahman. Each and every one of us has a something called Atman. Our Atman is a small piece of the large energy collective that makes up the universe. While this is just a brief small overview of the original practice and purpose of Yoga, in today’s modern western society, Yoga is about improving yourself both externally and internally. To find peace through the motion of the body by using focus that helps settle your mind. Let us take this one step further in simplicity. Yoga is about working on the self. To meditate for oneself.

There are so many couples that come in hoping that Yoga may help their marriage. Really is that a thing? Yes! If Yoga can bring peace to yourself, why can’t it bring peace to a relationship? Well the answer is above. Yoga is about fixing yourself. Now many might say that if you can fix both individuals through Yoga then that would help them in their relationship and you’d probably be right. Most people handle situations of conflict better when they are at peace with themselves but this isn’t a recipe that can cure a damaged or failing marriage. Where Yoga and meditation fall short, mediation can pick up the reigns and show you and your significant other the way to some resolution. Whenever we come across these couples, there is only one place to send them. To the best Irvine divorce mediator that we know! Don’t you believe us? Well turn to a trusted online rating site to see that our opinion is also held by so many others!

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