If there’s one thing yoga has taught me, it’s how much I was killing my back without realizing it. As a civilization of humans who work at our computers for most of our lives, it’s crazy to think that we are subjecting ourselves to hunching and leaning the whole time. It is uncomfortable and unsustainable for long term health.

Man With Hand on Temple Looking at Laptop

I figured that as a yogi, I’d know better than to allow myself to slouch over my laptop at work, where I spend most of my waking hours. Unfortunately, I’d find myself huddled over my computer all morning and ending up with dreadful afternoon back pain.

I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t keep my posture upright, even though I was trying my best to sit tall and relax my shoulders, as I have learned from yoga.

Turns out, I had been trying to correct my posture, when really I needed to correct my position. Through my research, I came to understand how poorly designed our modern lives are for the ergonomics of the human body. It turns out that most people are sitting at a desk that is too low, and in a chair that is too flat. This causes your body to naturally shift toward the furniture itself, which is difficult to prevent when you have no physical support. Again, it’s crazy to think that we spend so much of our lives in pain and discomfort, just through working at our desks and in front of our computers.

I was determined to stop slouching and start succeeding, and began to look for ergonomic office furniture in Los Angeles. I discovered so many options when it came to desks and chairs! I was amazed to find adjustable height desks which could allow me to sit or stand in an optimal position while typing. A standing desk allows you to maintain an active stance while you work, which gives your body the opportunity to move more than you would be able to while sitting in a chair. As a result, this keeps you agile and less sedentary at work.

An ergonomic back support chair does wonders for the human spine. As there will be moments where you will be inevitably tired of standing, instead of slouching back into an uncomfortable chair, an ergonomic chair will support your back’s upright position.

Be sure to try out different models of each type of furniture. It is as if you are purchasing a brand new mattress. You want to choose a model that fits your body and preferences so that you will feel comfortable every day at work. More importantly, you’ll be excited to be able to use your ergonomic furniture every day.

In addition to my new desk and chair, I am going to be incorporating my yoga stretches. Harvard recommends spine stretches to loosen your hips and prevent back pain.

If you are thinking about purchasing ergonomic office furniture and redesigning your workspace, I highly recommend you go for it. It has saved my productivity and health and completely changed how I work!

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