As a teacher and student of the practice of yoga, I believe that it is my responsibility to show people how to be more mindful and healthy in their daily lives. Yoga is a way of life—it is not simply what we do at the studio. How can we become better students of the yoga way of life?

Within the past few years, human life is highly influenced by the development of advanced technologies. Things have become convenient and people are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with the support of feature-rich machines. The Internet is rated as the biggest invention of the era. Ultimately, it has changed the way we used to live. 

Nowadays, we can say that human beings are living their life on the internet. Even older adults on top of the youngsters and kids are spending most of their time on the internet. Although it may appear entertaining and engaging, the internet has led to some pitfalls as well. The excessive use of digital media, the internet, and social media has created a considerable threat to our health and well-being. 

Today we are discussing the mental health effects of consuming digital media.

Searching Health Symptoms (You know you have done it!) and Anxiety

Whether you spend all your time reading negative news on the internet or continuously searching about your disease symptoms, the excessive use of the internet can increase the anxiety levels of people. Experts say that it is not a good idea to initiate repeated research about your health symptoms on the internet because it can bring worry and unnecessary anxiety to your life. Instead of trying to diagnose your illness by using online sources, it is more effective to schedule an appointment with a reliable doctor in your city and discuss the symptoms you are experiencing.

Social Media and Social Life

Although social media helps us stay connected with extended family and friends, one needs to be careful about how it can affect our psychology. Many studies have reported that excessive use of social media can lead to dependency on virtual connections and response-based relationships. It can further increase the feeling of depression. Moreover, most of the people these days have developed virtual relationships through the world wide wide, prioritizing their in-personsocial life less due to a lack of time. Experts reveal that being surrounded by good people and relationship in real-life can bring more self-esteem, love, and happiness to your life compared to solely having virtual connections. 

The problem is that we live in the matrix. We are not spending enough time outdoors, the current global pandemic has worsened our addiction to being slumped over on the couch, scrolling on our phones. For balance to be restored and maintained, the human body must have a connection to nature. That said, I can understand that not everyone has a backyard that is fit for relaxation. The good news is that you can transform the land into an oasis. You can hire an expert in professional Landscape design in San Diego; Torrey Pines Landscaping will design and build the backyard of your dreams. They have been making the dreams of homeowners come true since 1983 as one of the very best service providers in the landscaping industry.

Digital Media and Sleep

Excessive use of the tablet, computer, and smartphones can cause considerable harm to sleep quality. These gadgets release bright light that can block the secretion of the melatonin hormone which plays an important role in sleep regulation. Medical health experts advise keeping these gadgets way from our eyes directly before going to bed. It is beneficial to turn off your phones or social media notifications in the night hours. 

There is no doubt to say that technology has many benefits but one should address the appropriate usage cycle for a healthy life. It is better to be more active and present in your lives instead of plugging into the virtual world all the time. Make sure you harness the good force of digital media and the internet while protecting your mental health. 

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