Yoga is great for all the reasons that have been explained here in this blog. It is great for your body because it allows for extended periods of stretching and it puts just the right amount of strain so that you break a sweat and improve in strength. Yoga is great for the mind because it really makes you focus in improving what is going on inside just as much as the outside. After all, Yoga is a form of meditation that your body and mind both take part in together. This physical source of meditation is does so many great things for you! In fact, some people say Yoga even helps to settle the soul.

What is the soul? Well this is not the place to delve into that length conversation but for the sake of saying something other than “settling the soul” lets just say your soul, at its very basic form, is energy. We are all made up of it. Energy is a powerful thing that can give us strength and also drive us nuts! Luckily Yoga does help us control this energy in a way. Mind, body, and soul are supposed to be the three things that we are made up of and therefore we should all make sure all three are in order. We can definitely work on the body and mind, the soul however is something else entirely. So while Yoga can help ease a troubled soul to an extent, there is something else we recommend to really ensure your soul gets that needed easing we keep talking about.

Wine. The wonderful red or white liquid with just enough courage in it that can help us relax and also face many of our issues. Couple wine with Yoga and man do you have a dangerous combination of soul easing abilities. Is wine going to help my mind and my body? Absolutely! Everything in moderation is so much better in the long run. In fact, many doctors recommend a glass of red wine a day for the many health benefits that come along with it. So poor that one or two, possibly three glasses of wine and sit down to do some Yoga! What a great idea right?! Well that idea wasn’t hatched here. There is a winery near Los Angeles that is leading the way with a local Yoga studio to do just what we are recommending! Wine down Sundays have become common there at the winery. They love serving all the local yogis in Ventura but have become so popular that many people are making the drive from Los Angeles that enjoy the Sunday yoga class and also the delicious wine they have to offer.

Where does the Yoga class take place you ask? Their stunning barrel room!

You read that right, their beautiful barrel room that can hold up to 160 people! Good thing too. If their yoga and wine class keeps growing in popularity, they are going to need all the space they can get! So next time you are looking to find a place where you can work on your mind, body, and soul, check these guys out! If you go love the space as much as we do, rent it out! Their barrel room is available for all kinds of events! Check out their website to find out how to reserve their event space for your next party! And yes they even do weddings! Did you not see that photo above?! If you are looking for a yoga class, some wine, and even better company, visit their tasting room and barrel room the next time you get the chance.